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Riikinvoima Ekovoimalaitos produces environmentally friendly energy for heating and illumination of homes at Eastern Finland. Clean energy is processed from municipal waste in the state of the art technology power plant. Our business also significantly contributes to the sorting, recycling and re-use of materials.


Riikinvoima is owned by eight municipal waste management companies and Varkauden Aluelämpö Oy.

– Varkauden Aluelämpö Oy 47,40 %
– Jätekukko Oy, Kuopio 15,80%
– Puhas Oy, Joensuu 11,08 %
– Keski-Savon Jätehuolto, Varkaus 7,52 %
– Ylä-Savon Jätehuolto Oy, Iisalmi 5,16 %
– Metsäsairila Oy, Mikkeli 4,36 %
– Kainuun jätehuollon kuntayhtymä Ekokymppi 3,16 %
– Savonlinnan Seudun Jätehuolto Oy, Savonlinna 3,16 %
– Sammakkokangas Oy, Saarijärvi 2,36 %

In this area lives 670 000 citizens. Waste management companies are owned by 58 municipalities.


Waste incineration is 140 000 tons of municipal waste per year.
Boiler fuel power 54 MW
Incineration technology is Circulated Fluidized Bed, CFB
Distric heating /year 170 GWh
Electricity generation /year 80 GWh


Ekovoimalaitos save the environment by replacing the use of fossil fuels. Replacement of coal and fuel oil of municipal waste to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.The landfilled waste is another important environmental factor. When the rate of the waste decline also harmful methane emissions will be reduced. Methane is more than 20 times harmful for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.